every friendship ever


my talents include stress eating and falling in love with people that will never love me back

yesterday Anna was using my computer and she started suddenly laughing and explained that it was because of the “not porn” folder I keep on my desktop and I was like oh yeah ha ha

today I realised this is all that was in it






me tomorrow

hey, guy whom I’m partnered up with for my photography assignment but I don’t really know, would you mind taking your shirt off for this

  • First day of school: I am so done.
"Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else."
Mark Twain (via nov-ia)


wake me up

when the school year ends

  • me: *has a book to read for school*
  • me: *has other books that are waiting to be read*
  • me: *goes into bookshop and buys more books*

oh lord almighty this tea is so good I’m going to cry

When I think about attending film school:

When I read about how to apply:

When I have to explain why I want to go to film school:

If a school is actually stupid enough to accept me:

Me until then:

What people think they look like while working out:

What they actually look like:

  • people i follow: i gained like 200 followers while i was sleeping.
  • me: i am 1 follower away from having one more follower.