"dafuk tumblr I don’t need your recommen okay I actually do like that but I don’t need your damn recommendations"
me every time 

One might thing that I spend too much time on tumblr but I’ve had my essay file open this entire time so technically I’m multitasking.

I’m pretty sure that only like 3 of my followers are still alive.¬†

obviously it doesn’t matter where I spend my life

all I ever do is sit on tumblr

My activity thingy reminded me of the Batman logo aka for fuck’s sake what am I doing with my life.

there are people I follow and there are people I follow

you know what I mean?

okay so can i not do my homework and tell the teacher it’s because i lost my notes again

my cat probably thought i was looking into his eyes but actually i could see tumblr reflecting on his cornea

  • log, sat 2.38AM: no maintenance yet
  • log, sat 2.39AM: shit, i'm probably in the wrong timezone

Mum: Can you come off the computer and help me with something?

Me: But, mum, I haven’t reached the end of my dash yet.

Mum: Oh, okay, when you’re finished then.



does anyone ever think about what happens on tumblr when you’re not here

like what if someone made a post about you but didn’t tag it and now it’s lost forever in the pit of dash

or like moffat made a post about how sherlock faked his death and no one saw it

  • the moment you're sitting across the room from a family member, scrolling tumblr and porn appears on your dash
  • me thinking: oh, if they only knew
i feel this describes the relationship between tumblr and the outside world

i feel this describes the relationship between tumblr and the outside world

I decided I need to be on Tumblr less so I turned off my laptop.

And walked over to the other computer and I’m now on Tumblr.

is the font here on tumblr suddenly smaller or did my eyesight just give up, pack its things, take my favourite mug and leave me