Me: *supposed to be studying for big language test*

Me: *comes up with, writes and makes storyboard for short film*

  • Take this test to see if you are addicted to the Interne
  • Me: Yes.
  • The test hasn't started ye
  • Me: Yes.
  • No, you have to take the test before.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Yes.

When a teacher announces that there’s going to be a test during the last week of school:

Spend an hour singing and dancing to showtunes

Friend: Hey, didn’t you have a chemistry test tomorrow? 


Friend: And didn’t you just say that you know nothing about the subject?

Me: *reality kicks in*

  • Sunday morning: I have a test on Wednesday on a subject I know nothing about. Really should study a little.
  • Sunday night: I mean I still have 2 days to study. I can still do it.
  • Wednesday: Shit.

Me: “I’m going to fail a test tomorrow.”

Dad: “Don’t go to school then.”

Mum: “It doesn’t matter. No one ever looks at your high school grades.”


When I tell my parents that I actually studied


Friday’s Chemistry test and my reactions:

When I get the test:

Exercise #1:

Exercise #2:

Exercise #3:

Exercise #4 (usually the point where I start drawing dinosaurs):

Exercise #5 (usually the point when the teacher realises that I’m drawing):

Exercise #6:

And after it’s over:

So I still haven’t managed to properly study chemistry

I read 60% of the topic and then realised:

I should be studying chemistry.

Instead I’m:

  • listening to music
  • uploading photos
  • drinking tea
  • reading the book Anette gave me

I’ll blame you if I fail, Anette.

I have a computer programming test tomorrow and this is me right now:

Yes. Great success.

I have a Math test tomorrow and none of the problems I’ve tried to solve have been correct.

The chemistry test I didn’t study for, I got a B.

This requires a Tumblr gif dance party!

Realising I have to study for a test.

An hour of studying later:

And if the teacher asks about what I wrote in the test:

I have a Spanish test tomorrow

And all I can think is: