i like tea

tea tea tea

it makes me want to pee

like a mother fucktea

why I don’t write poetry

I almost put wasabi powder in my tea.

Can you imagine how horrible that would have been?


blimey mum you don’t have to check up on me every 5 minutes i’m almost 19 it’s not like i’m going to spill tea oh god it burns

  • me spilling tea on myself: NOOOO NOT THE TEA ah it burns BUT THE TEA OH THE INJUSTICE YOU PRECIOUS seriously i can feel my skin peeling off TEA TEA NO WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING damn that's hot OH THE AGONY THE GOOD PERISH SO YOUNG
  • me: okay, better get ready for that party at my friends place
  • me: omg this armchair is so comfortable
  • me: and this sweater is so warm
  • me: tea! there's tea!
  • me: holy shit hercule poirot is on tv
  • me: fuck social events, i'm never leaving my house ever again

Listening to music, drinking tea and reading comic books

If all answers are YES, please marry me

If all answers are YES, please marry me

A conversation between two 18 year olds on a Saturday night

Friend: “Good day, madam, do you want to come over? I have liquor.”

Me: “I can’t. I just put the kettle on and Midsomer murders starts in an hour and 10 minutes.”

Friend: “WHAT? SERIOUSLY? Screw what I said. I’m coming over there.”


Friend: “Don’t you think you drink a little too much tea?”


Last weekend as a minor

"Watch all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes and drink all the tea!"

what a pathetic nerd

I should be studying chemistry.

Instead I’m:

  • listening to music
  • uploading photos
  • drinking tea
  • reading the book Anette gave me

I’ll blame you if I fail, Anette.

favourite pastime of mine, oh and i bought sugar

More tea, that’s what we need.

A choice I have to make much too often.

A choice I have to make much too often.

I admit it. I have a problem.

I have a very serious addiction to tea.