As I was walking home in the dark I thought I saw something lurking in the shadows following me.


I thought I saw slender man but it turned out to be the vaccuum

never before have I been so happy to see something that sucks so much

Seeing a huge bee in your room

At first:

Losing sight of the bee:

The bee:

The moment you’re on a bus and you realise someone sat next to you without you noticing:

When you go into a shop and they’ve rearranged EVERYTHING:

And after 5 minutes when you realise you have no idea where you are:

A playful cat under your bed is way more terrifying than monsters.

I thought I’d lost my Moleskine.

Scariest 5 minutes of my life.

I’m really glad I didn’t though. There’s some really weird shit in there.

For a second I thought that I’d lost my iPod.

My world almost ended.

In a film store when you realise that they’ve rearranged everything and you’re standing in front of porn.