phrase of the day: “radical lesbian nuns”

I think I got used to people’s company so much over the past month that it feels so strange to have the entire flat to myself right now

what the hell do they put in detergents nowadays the smell of fresh laundry makes my head ache so badly I feel I could throw up I am never using that shit again

I need to start having the guts to ask strangers if I can photograph them because I always see so many people with amazing faces and spirits

there was such a delightful person at the party yesterday and their energy was so interesting it’s just like I want to be best friends with them also can I take your photo

super excited about this wee gig I got but also super anxious that I’ll screw everything up

what do you mean homework it’s a special day we might get rid of cameron rejoice 

what do you mean homework it’s a special day we might get rid of cameron rejoice¬†

my mum was sending me pictures of dogs who’ve been stung by bees and when I asked her why she was looking at that during work she just sent me the smiling emoticon with sunglasses

I love it when you see a dog and say hi to them and they just look at you and start wagging their tail

thursday will be mental

animals are precious and need to be protected

I might get a chance to take part in this really cool project soon and oh my I’m so excited

I’ve started calling people out on their bullshit more and I think they hate me for it but I kind of want them to hate me for it because maybe then they’ll stop living in a fucking bubble and think every so often

people are so afraid of change that they are willing to stay in a shit position for an extended period of time instead of dealing with the shit in order to start getting better in time

I’ve had a migraine all day and the only decision that I’ve managed to make is that I’m going to make a shitload of pancakes tomorrow

I’m not sure if my flatmates and I are getting younger or older since we stayed in on a friday to watch Despicable Me 2 but then I almost broke my hip