I am ready to assume my position as the next bond villian

I am ready to assume my position as the next bond villian

I have things to do but the old man sat next to me and fell asleep I can’t wake him up

tegin sõpradele playlisti

tegin sõpradele playlisti

favourite music videos at the moment

having a panic attack because 60’s music is so perfect

why is Michael Knight even there KITT does everything

I was watching the Eye of the Tiger video on youtube and just as I closed the window it started playing on vh1 there is no escape

I’m so thankful for my flatmates they solved everything with the tv licensing, council tax and other stuff in like 2 days and meanwhile I was walking around confused because of the fact that the two blokes in the more than words video aren’t the same person or even twins

watching childhood cartoons in a different language will fuck you up

tunnen kõikide naksitrallidega hingesugulust

kas tegemist on ikka maailma pikima lillepärjaga kui pole inimest, kelle pea oleks piisavalt suur, et see pähe panna

just realised how much I miss dance classes

my hobbies include watching vh1 and throwing my life away

ainus põhjus, miks twitteri tegin

I swear the only thing I’ve done today is watch music videos on youtube here’s to another super productive day