I think my parents haven’t realised that I actually live in another country like 3/4 of the year since my mum always asks if I have to bring that much stuff over since I have to bring it back anyways and I asked my dad to bring some vinyls over and he asked what am I going to do with the for a few days

I’m so tired someone please hand me that wine and hug me until I fall asleep

ahh today was so tiring since I was basically the only gaffer and also 2nd ac and everyone disappeared like 5 seconds after wrap so I only had one person to help me pack up the camera and lights

waiting for makeup was awesome today since I got to braid the sound guy’s beard and it looked hilarious

Lucy: Wow, it’s 7pm and the sun’s still up. Do you think it’s this bright everywhere in the world?
Me: The world’s round and revolves around the sun, do you seriously think that’s possible?
Lucy: Yes, I do because I believe in equality.


I can already feel the next 2 days being completely frustrating and tiring.

okay I went to a record shop even though Niki told me not to and

okay I went to a record shop even though Niki told me not to and

My friend said I look like a Holly and I asked I look like a holy what? because apparently I’m not only blind but also deaf

when people think all brits have cute accents:

I couldn’t sleep so I started watching Game of Thrones and I’m pretty sure I just doomed my life

the combination of sleeping badly, an 8-hour shoot and a production meeting has made my mental state into this

sometimes I think it would be a good idea to take up an artist name since my name’s quite hard to pronounce but then I think nah, make them suffer

my friend just called me really excited because she cooked and ate broccoli  it was the cutest thing ever

I got called in to be 2nd ac tomorrow but the 1st ac is always so mean I hope she won’t yell at me

making decisions more like