I was on set today for 9 hours and then went to a Japanese place with Niki and drank a bottle of wine on Calton Hill and then went home through streets we’d never been on and it was nice

where is everyone I have no one to hang out with ahh life sucks

And how much is your expected pay?


I woke up before my alarm

I should start that essaaaaayyyyyyyyy toast

I should start that essaaaaayyyyyyyyy toast

I went from I don’t want to go home to desperately homesick in less than 24 hours

I’ve forgotten my student funding login details so it asked me my primary school and then said the answer was wrong so I’m now questioning my own life

my mum told me to stop sending her Queen lyrics when she doesn’t answer me on skype like lady I’m doing you a favour here

if you ever question my parents’ parenting skills then remember they bought me this cd when I was 6

"Edinburgh smells a lot like Amsterdam, doesn’t it?"

a tourist I overheard

Reading and listening to Holst in the princes street gardens and all I can think about is god I wish that football playing dog would come here so I could pet him

I’ve barely spent 2 days in the sun and I’m already much blonder than I was genetics can I just

I think my parents haven’t realised that I actually live in another country like 3/4 of the year since my mum always asks if I have to bring that much stuff over since I have to bring it back anyways and I asked my dad to bring some vinyls over and he asked what am I going to do with the for a few days

I’m so tired someone please hand me that wine and hug me until I fall asleep