I’m so screwed and not in a good way

other countries have stuff like snow days and siestas why do we always have to work no matter if it’s 30º or -30º WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS

surfer dude on the bus who looks like julien doré and there I am like

elijah wood tho

wtf why is it so warm at night you had one job weather there’s a reason we’re in the north

I couldn’t sleep because it was too warm even with the window open so I opened my computer and now all the moths are gathering yes my pretties you are my army now I am your khaleesi

working at home is great because you can watch bob’s burgers, eat cheese and walk around trouserless at the same time and no one bloody cares

my latvian friend said that I’m "soo baltic"

cruisin’ through summer 48 ice lollies/h

we had no food at home and food is so expensive also I’m broke and then my dad shows up like I bought you watermelon and cider

my friend said that she hates her parents’ parties because everyone always gets drunk and starts singing abba

that’s like 90% of the parties I go to and let me tell you whoever you are you will end up like this

I was riding a bike on my balcony earlier and my neighbour saw me from his balcony and instead of questioning my life choices we just had a nice chat about the weather thank you neighbour man

and now let’s play a game called wtf just flew over my house at 1am and where did it come from

it takes me like 7 hours to wake up in the morning




it’s so hot outside it’s hot inside and there’s no air to breathe ughhhh

I like to put on my jogging clothes, not move and when I see someone just wipe the sweat off my head and go "nice day for a run ay mate"

have i told you you’re a legend yet cause ur a legend