I blame Simon Pegg for continuously ruining my life.

brilliant people make me swear so much

like who the fuck do you fucking think you are being so fucking brilliant get the fuck out no sorry i didn’t fucking mean that please come back aw shit they’ve gone

Adam Brody “Lovelace” Photoshoot - 2013 Sundance Film Festival 

hugh fucking jackman

Dear Every Band I Like,

Screw your bloody concert locations.



Robert Downey Jr. and his lovely eyebrows.

Write a pro-gay comment

Get more “thumbs down” than “thumbs up”.

My reaction:

I mean, why would you be against people loving each other and being happy?

I didn’t take it myself so facebook forced it on me.

Touché, facebook. Touché.

I dreamt that 4 drunk people were trying to be quiet because they didn’t want to disturb my slumber

Brain, how does that help?! HOW?!

When a teacher announces that there’s going to be a test during the last week of school: