Seeing a cute guy on the internet:

Seeing that he likes the same films as you:

Seeing that he likes the same music as you:

Seeing that he lives on the other side of the country:

Most people after breakups:

Me after a bre

Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t even finish that sentence.

Most people when they’re in love:

When they’ve had their heart broken:

Me all the time:

Mum: So, do you have a boyfriend yet?

Only thing is…

Hear a 15-year-old girl talking about how she can’t decide between two guys

The most action I get is when a guy accidentally leans on me on a crowded bus.

I heard two 13-year-olds talking about how many boys they’ve kissed

Meanwhile in my loveli

So, come here often?

(I started studying but then I thought: Hey, why not flirt with the internet?)

When you think that you got a text but really the battery is fully charged.

Friday night

Everyone else:


To my future followers:

So I’m on the bus listening to music.

Suddenly the bus driver slams the breaks and I bump into this cute guy.

And he just smiles like:

And when I apologise I try to say “sorry” and “excuse me” at the same time. And now I have no idea what actually came out of my mouth. 

Phone rings

Dad, why are you calling me? I’m in the next room…

Oh, sorry, I was calling your aunt.

because this is the second time I have gotten my hopes up that someone awesome is actually calling me.