Do any of my scottish followers know of a good cardboard box I could live in for a few months?

Me: *spends two days on set doing everything except studying for a Spanish exam*

Me: Oh of course, mother, I will not fail tomorrow.

see, normally people have this filter that prevents them from making really bad jokes

with me it’s more like this:

i should be studying but instead i’ve spent the last 3 and a half hours cleaning and eating a┬ápomegranate

i wrote the heading for my essay

i think i deserve a two hour break

Dear Every Band I Like,

Screw your bloody concert locations.



  • me spilling tea on myself: NOOOO NOT THE TEA ah it burns BUT THE TEA OH THE INJUSTICE YOU PRECIOUS seriously i can feel my skin peeling off TEA TEA NO WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING damn that's hot OH THE AGONY THE GOOD PERISH SO YOUNG

urgh i have to go out and socialize

When teachers ask why you didn’t get a full night’s sleep:

this isn’t working out

what’s the return and exchange policy on life

How high school makes me feel:

i am actually watching americas next top model

what am i doing with my life

When you open a new album with iTunes and see this:

what do you mean over capacity

stop making me kill my babies itunes

Every time I try to plan my future: