An estonian, latvian and lithuanian walk into a bar…   There’s no joke, that really happened yesterday.

Update from Estonia:

Still freaking cold.

The World on the 24th of June:

Estonia on the 24th of June:

Avoiding tourists in the Old Town while riding a bike:


lol imagine if he said “koolaid” instead of “kuula” in the middle of the song and the kool-aid man smashed onto the stage screaming “OH YEAAAAAAAH!”

By far my favourite comment about Estonia’s song.

Would’ve loved to see Ott’s face if that had happened.

update: found a even better one:

Just read someones opinion on why Estonia sucks

Some of the reasons were:

  • Too many streetlights
  • No 24-hour Walmart
  • I quote: “Why is the entire country is allowed to turn into an ice hockey rink for six months of every year??” (Oh, I’m sorry about that. I have no idea how someone could allow such a thing. We’ll just have someone move the Earth to a better orbit.)
  • Everyone burns their garbage in there coal burning heaters - Jannipäev is Gummipäev - burn your old tires day!
I’ve been living here for 18 years! And no one even bothered to invite me to Gummipäev! Why am I always left out?
  • "No real health food restaurants or stores!"(Oh and supposedly you have to order your organic produce online)
  • No Subs, NY/NJ or Chicago pizza, Philly Cheesteaks, omelette’s, Ben & Jerries, Cookies & Cream, “All you can eat” Buffets…

I just really hope the entire text was a joke because I haven’t laughed so much since… ever. But if that person truly is serious then… I’m just so… so sorry.

When it snows in April:

Life in Estonia

So, this teachers’ strike thing…

I didn’t even know there were so many estonians on Tumblr.

If we happen to meet in real life then I’m not as weird as I seem on my Tumblr.

Who am I kidding? I’m even weirder.

Happy Estonian Independence Day!

Probably at least 80% of people who see this post:

Yeah, it’s Estonian Independence Day.

So this is you guys.
Obviously Estonia is winning.

So this is you guys.

Obviously Estonia is winning.