I told my dad he has such a hippie name since it sounds like ‘rain’ in English even though it’s spelt differently and he responded with so that explains why there’s rain in England every time I go there

When someone says they didn’t realise I wasn’t from England because my English is flawless:

thank you so much

Kristin:”I tengo eta nagu…”

Seriously? In four languages?

Bloody multilingual bamfs.

The moment you remember a word in your second language but not in your native language.

When I hear my parents speak English

What I want to say:

What I really say:

Fill in blanks in English class: Make ……………….. compulsory to 16.

My group: Make pants compulsory to 16.

Teacher:”Oh, you mean that all the girls have to wear pants and not skirts?”

Us: “Umm, yeah… Yes, that is exactly what we meant.”