hey cute guy with cool bike can I push you against a wall and you know… steal your bike

*enters cute guy with camera*


Seeing a cute guy on the internet:

Seeing that he likes the same films as you:

Seeing that he likes the same music as you:

Seeing that he lives on the other side of the country:

When you see a guy so cute

that you actually want a post to walk into because walking away is too painful.

Internet, where are all those cute, funny and nerdy guys you always keep telling us about?


See a drop dead gorgeous guy on the bus

My brain:

And then he got off before me:

So I’m on the bus listening to music.

Suddenly the bus driver slams the breaks and I bump into this cute guy.

And he just smiles like:

And when I apologise I try to say “sorry” and “excuse me” at the same time. And now I have no idea what actually came out of my mouth.