Every timeI watch the news:

i feel this describes the relationship between tumblr and the outside world

i feel this describes the relationship between tumblr and the outside world


is the font here on tumblr suddenly smaller or did my eyesight just give up, pack its things, take my favourite mug and leave me

ok now it’s normal what the fuck is going on

A crazy lady on the bus actually called me a beatnik.


When you start talking to your mum and she just stares back at you like:

and then you realise you started talking in the wrong language:

During the weekend

Me: Maybe I should study…




Hear a ringing sound while in Math class

*What is that? Can no one else hear it? It sounds like my phone but it’s not. No one is doing anything, I don’t understand.*

After 10 minutes - *I must be crazy. Just push it deep down in your mind. Ignore it. Ignore.*

After another 10 minutes - Classmate: Hey, do you hear a ringing?

I’m not crazy.

Watching the news

Dear World,

Sincerely, What The Fuck Is Going On.

Crazy guy on bus (and my reactions)

"God will destroy us all if we do not forgive you pagans!"

"We must consume pure air!"

"Do NOT laugh! For you will be proven wrong!"

(A hard thing to do considering you’re wearing pink rubber boots.)

"Jugement day will arrive soon!"

"You shall see the light that shins from behind the moon!"

"Atheists will have to believe one day!"

Me:Tumblr, you can’t count for your life.




  • Helin: Who would win - a nun with a chainsaw or Freddy Krueger?
  • Johanna: A nun with a chainsaw. Those bitches are crazy.

I was peeling an orange and the juice went into my paper cut just now. Holy mother of Jesus, THE PAIN.

I have no idea how I got one of my paper cuts. I just looked down and

Where did you come from? Why are you here? Answer me! *talking to paper cuts since 1994*

Again I have made an ass of myself in public.

Finally done with my essay.

And my brain is not fried at all. No, sir.