When you’re in ballet class, trying to concentrate and the teacher puts on Eye of the Tiger so all you can think about is:

Well, fuck.

Experiments in Chemistry class = Burning and mixing together random shit

When you can’t stop laughing in class



Calligraphy class

"This A reminds me of Robin Hood."

we’re weird

Watching a video about fertilization in Biology

Entire class realises they were the fastest sperm.

When the teacher is watching:

When the teacher is not watching:

Math class

Me: How do you know if an equation is homogeneous?

Johanna: He’s a homosexual.

The equation:

When the teacher puts you as “Not present” when you actually were in class

Drawing in class

Me: “Hey, if you squint then those eyes kind of look like…”


Me: “Exactly.”

Fill in blanks in English class: Make ……………….. compulsory to 16.

My group: Make pants compulsory to 16.

Teacher:”Oh, you mean that all the girls have to wear pants and not skirts?”

Us: “Umm, yeah… Yes, that is exactly what we meant.”

In line with classmates to get out during fire drill.

*feel the cold autumn wind*

"I wish the school was really on fire. At least then we could keep ourselves warm."

"Yeah, and someone could bring a guitar and maybe even some marshmallows."

Mom jokes in Spanish class