A crazy lady on the bus actually called me a beatnik.


Trying not to fall asleep on the bus

  • Me: Omg, this windowsill is so comfortable.
  • Me: Don't fall asleep.
  • Me: Omg, I can perfectly lean my head on my hand.
  • Me: Don't fall asleep.
  • Me: Omg, it's so nice and dark when I close my eyes.
  • Me: Don't fall asleep.
  • Me:
  • Me: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The moment you’re on a bus and you realise someone sat next to you without you noticing:

Hear a 15-year-old girl talking about how she can’t decide between two guys

The most action I get is when a guy accidentally leans on me on a crowded bus.

Crazy guy on bus (and my reactions)

"God will destroy us all if we do not forgive you pagans!"

"We must consume pure air!"

"Do NOT laugh! For you will be proven wrong!"

(A hard thing to do considering you’re wearing pink rubber boots.)

"Jugement day will arrive soon!"

"You shall see the light that shins from behind the moon!"

"Atheists will have to believe one day!"

On the bus when you realise a drunk has been having a conversation with you for 5 minutes and you missed everything because you were listening to music.

Hearing someone’s conversation on the bus.

As an antisocial weirdo I can’t help but think:

When you’re on the bus and the creepy guy won’t stop staring at you.



When I’m on the bus and see the coolest person ever

The entire time I’m like:

And then they always get off the bus before my stop: