i should be studying but instead i’ve spent the last 3 and a half hours cleaning and eating a┬ápomegranate

Cycling through pouring rain just to get chinese food:

Me watching the Avengers

During the trailers:

Seeing Nick Fury:

Seeing Loki:

Hearing them speak Russian:

Seeing the fight scenes:

Seeing Captain America:

Seeing Bruce Banner:

Seeing Iron Man:


Seeing everything:

Me going home:

99% of my recently liked posts are about Tom Hiddleston

Losing a follower:

Realising it was a blog dedicated to Justin Bieber and One Direction:

Friend looking through my iPod


Wang Chung? Seriously?


Every time I show someone something I find brilliant:

Buying Megamind, Up and Cars as a present for your little cousin



Finishing a good book


Everyone else:

Me: This book. It’s brilliant.

Everyone else:

It’s just a book…


I found this amusing.

(we were talking about this)

Just realised my 500th post was me worshiping yet another actor who plays Superman.

Realise Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is on TV

And everything that needed to be done was left undone.